5 of London’s Most Romantic Hotspots

Whether you are looking for the most romantic place for your first date, date night with the missus or to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one, London can seriously be the place to be. The city has several romantic places including bars, clubs, hotels where you can visit and enjoy your romantic outing. Read on to discover 5 of these London’s most romantic spots.

Berners Tavern


Berners Tavern is one of the coolest restaurants in the heart of London. It features a large dining room with very low lighting, greater plasterwork ceiling and a lively sizeable bar area. Despite the bar’s location, in the heart of the city, the menu’s prices are surprisingly on the cheaper side. The place will give an utterly glamorous experience for your romantic trip.

Laude’s Kitchen

Laude’s Kitchen is a welcoming bar in a terrific neighborhood known for selling champers at a friendly price. The menu in this bar keeps on changing courtesy of Claude Compton, who is believed to have trained at Petersham Nurseries and Club Gascon. Claude’s Kitchen utilizes the services of experienced and friendly waiters and waitress. The bar’s ultra-efficient, welcoming, and warm in environment is what many people are looking for when they arrive in London.

The Corinthia Hotel


As far as romance goes, you need to make sure to book the best room in town to impress your loved one.  The Corinthia overlooks the London Eye and has been hailed as one of the topmost hotels in the city a few times over.  A night at the jazz lounge or a walk on the riverbank back to your room is just about as romantic as it gets.

Greenwich Park


Greenwich Park is considered by many as one of the most romantic gardens in London, so if you want to tell your fiancée how special he or she is, then Greenwich Park is sure to hit the right spot. It is a perfect place for a romantic walk. The park features more than 10,000 flowers species, a variety of trees, birds and well a little rain most probably, this is London after all so take your umbrella.

Connaught hotel

Connaught hotel also falls in this list of the most romantic bars in London. If you look at the internet images of this hotel, you will definitely fall in love with this place even before setting foot inside. This place features a variety of drinks and foods, including a glass of champagne and a round of classic cocktails.

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