Sumptuous Food and Wine in the Hunter Valley

Thanks to its multicultural background and keen agricultural traditions, Australia is known around the world for its magnificent culinary scene. One of the best areas to visit for fine food and wine is the Hunter Valley located a few hour’s drive north of Sydney. This region boasts a number of excellent restaurants, vineyards and other gastronomic options perfect for those seeking something to tempt and tantalise their taste buds while on holiday.

Fine Restaurants

The Hunter is home to a wide range of dining locales where you can sit down and enjoy some delicious meals, snacks and desserts while surrounded by the region’s rolling hills and vineyards. Here are some dishes which come highly recommended:

  • Beef eye fillet. You can’t go to the Hunter without enjoying a decent steak especially if it is served with cheese, thyme, potatoes & roasted shallots.
  • Ocean trout. For a mouth-watering delicacy, try this local fish served with seared squid, turnip puree, leeks in butter, and mini mushrooms.

Venison. If you want something more exotic, order this amazing game meat served with roast beetroot, baby broad beans and blackcurrant jam.


This is just a small selection of what’s on offer at the many first class restaurants that you will find in the Hunter Valley region.

Other Dining Options

The area also has a wide variety of other culinary alternatives for the food loving traveller. While exploring the region, make sure to stop in at any of the following:

  • A country cafe. Aussie coffee is one of the best in the world. Be sure to try the flat white, a local spin on this age old drink which can’t be found elsewhere.
  • Cheese companies. The Hunter Valley also has a thriving dairy industry and makes some delicious local cheese varieties that you should definitely try.
  • Chocolate and confectionary. Visitors should also try one of the many local lolly manufacturers for something sweet they can nibble while on the road.
  • You can even buy gastronomic souvenirs from these locations so you can then continue your amazing wining and dining experience once you return home.

Australia’s Best Vineyards

The highlight of the Hunter Valley though really has to be its wide selection of vineyards. This area has one of the highest concentrations of wineries in Australia and is a must-visit location for anyone who loves this fruit of the vine. One of the best ways to explore the region is to go on a wine tour of the Hunter Valley. Here, you will get to enjoy the following amazing experiences while on your Aussie holiday in the countryside:

  • Wine tasting at award winning vineyards
  • Cheap wine prices when souvenir shopping
  • Tours of the winery for an educational twist
  • Sumptuous meals with magnificent views

You might need to spend more than a few days in the Hunter though especially since there is such a wide variety in the area. As well as many different labels, there is also a plethora of wine types available.

Local Breweries

Lastly, a visit to the Hunter Valley can even include a stop off to try some of the region’s best beer. This is Australia’s most popular drink so if you’re here from overseas, you will definitely want to taste test the local brews. From ales and lagers to pilsners and cider, you should find a wide variety of beer available in the region. There are also a couple of breweries which offer tours of their facilities so you can see how this golden beverage is actually made. You should be able to purchase a six-pack or a case at these beer-making locales as well so you have something to take back home and share with your family and friends after completing your next Hunter Valley adventure.

The Ideal Culinary Experience

By combining the above mentioned cafes, restaurants, vineyards and breweries, you can have the ultimate wining and dining holiday in the Hunter Valley. Whether you are exploring the region with your family or friends, there is plenty to eat and drink for all varieties of tastes. From salad and steak lunches to wine tasting nights, there is so much the area has to offer for lovers of all fine culinary delights and delicacies.


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